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My son has problems retaining information, so we gave Table Fables a go. Within one week you could see the difference. He is so confident now and finds maths fun! We loved the fables behind each timetable and the illustrations are super cute too. I would highly recommend if your child is struggling but responds well to visual stimuli.
"This type of learning is definitely proven to work in our house, it is like you wrote it all just for us! I will certainly tell everyone we know about lovely, clever Table Fables. We are secretly hoping you might fable lots of other Maths concepts for us to learn!"
My 7 year old daughter learned her Times Tables in 17 days. I am amazed how good this actually is, I highly recommend this to everyone trying to help their children with maths.
Cheryl Snodgrass
Table Fables has been so helpful for my two children. Their confidence has grown massively. Before signing up, my youngest (8) found the timetables and division very challenging, but when she completed the 17 day challenge, she knew them all.
Louise O'Neill
I've only discovered this website and for the first time ever I've actually paid for something instead of using the free site. IT IS AMAZING! The kids in 3 days have learnt what would take me a minimum of a month! I've seen it recommended a few times but didn't think it could be as good as they made out. It's better.
This programme has really helped my son with his Times Tables and dividing. He’s happy to do them every day and I’m happy he’s learning so easily. Win-win! :-)
We are thrilled to have found Table Fables. My kids learned so much in such a short time and we all had great fun watching the stories. They haven't complained once about logging in and having a go especially with the genius cash incentives.
Table Fables is genius. My son has dyslexia and really struggles with maths too. He finds learning by rote impossible and is very easily intimidated by maths tasks. He finds Table Fable fun and easy to do. He sat a maths test after only one night doing Tables Fables and got 11 out of 13. I couldn't believe my ears. Amazing.
Tracy Nixon
My son loves Table Fables. He completed the 17 day challenge but still wants to carry on and do more, very rare for my boy!! He has always found it hard to retain Times Tables but this has worked wonders for him.
Claire Conway
It’s amazing, for my daughter it was as if a switch had been turned on suddenly she just ‘got it’ and then she was off!!
Lucy Hicks

Fables World is groundbreaking website designed to transform Maths education in the classroom and at home.

Fables World uses a scientifically proven visual system to assist in the learning of four core Maths skills: Times Tables, Number Bonds, Telling the Time and Fractions.

Fables World increase MTC test scores
Children have gone from scoring very low on the MTC test to now achieving high scores each time. It's an incredibly good value subscription for schools.
L Storr (Year 4 Teacher)

Maths anxiety is a huge issue for many children. Our 'Learn Funny' approach helps students lose their fears, boosts their confidence, and without realising it, they're soon relishing the learning process. Think of it as educational fun in the style of Fortnite!

Our technique reduces teaching time by 60%. Rather than learning by rote, and highlighting when a student 'fails', we engage the use of clever memory hooks, humour and funny cartoons. With tantalising incentives and challenging quests, students remain entertained, engaged and, most importantly, motivated! With this comes comprehensive learning and effortless progress.

Leaderboard: We have both a school and worldwide leaderboard to galvanise those kids with a more competitive edge.

Pricing: £150 for the first Maths product. £50 for each additional product. All students will receive access for one year, both at home and at school.

I was at my wits end last year, wondering how my kids were ever going to learn their tables. Then we found Table Fables... It was a kind of miracle to see it work so effortlessly, and I can't recommend the system highly enough!
Decca Aitkenhead, Journalist

Discover the learning worlds:


Simply Maths

Number Bonds - Our technique ingrains Number Bond patterns in such a way that students can effortlessly solve more complex sums and mental arithmetic.

Clever Clocks

Telling the Time - Using cheeky but effective toilet humour, children will enjoy learning the fundamentals of Time-telling in Analogue, Digital and 24-Hour.

Table Fables

Times Tables Memorisation - Numbers come alive as humorous characters in an animated world. When these characters interact, stories play out making it effortless - and fun! - for pupils to memorise all Multiplication and Division facts.

Farting Fractions

Fraction Teaching - Our Farting Fraction technique distills complex fraction rules into four funny faces that enable easy recall, long-term retention, and the application of Fraction rules to any problem.

I'm so impressed with the impact! Me and my class LOVE Table Fables.
Ms J Parkin (Year 4 Teacher)

📧 If you would like to discuss further or have any enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a restriction on how many staff and students can use Fables World?
🏫 Our pricing is designed for the entire school, and there are no constraints on the number of students and staff members who can access and benefit from Fables World. Whether your school is large or small, everyone's invited to the math extravaganza!
Can schools trial Fables World techniques before buying?
📆 Absolutely! We offer all schools a generous 1 month free trial with no obligation to purchase. You'll have full access to all features. Just remember to cancel before the trial ends if you don't want to continue. Dive into the educational fun by [starting your FREE trial here](insert trial link).
Are discounts available?
💰 Indeed, we've got a few discounts up our sleeves! We offer a 10% discount for small schools with fewer than 50 pupils in total. Additionally, there's a 10% multi-school discount when two or more schools join forces. Teamwork makes the maths dream work!
What age is Fables World suitable for?
🎂 Our Fables World techniques are designed for learners of all ages, ranging from 4 to 14 years old.
Starting children at a younger age with our Fables World techniques not only prevents the development of maths anxiety but also transforms the entire class into number enthusiasts.
Even older kids who may still be grappling with the mysteries of numbers can benefit tremendously
  • Simply Maths: Age 4+ (It's a hit with all age groups, especially those who are still counting on their fingers!)
  • Clever Clocks: Age 5+ (Believe it or not, many teenagers are still mastering the art of telling time!)
  • Table Fables: Age 6+ (This technique makes multiplication and division effortless to recall with its hilarious cartoons!)
  • Farting Fractions: Age 8+ (It's essential for pupils to have a strong foundation in arithmetic and multiplication or have completed both Simple Maths and Table Fables before diving into
  • fractions).
Is Fables World GDPR compliant?
📜 Absolutely! We've got all our ducks in a row when it comes to data protection laws and the ICO Age Appropriate Design Code. For all the nitty-gritty details, check out our [GDPR compliance page](insert GDPR page link).
Are there progress reports?
✅ Our teachers are in the loop every Monday with emails updating them on who's practicing and who needs a little nudge.
Teachers can also check pupils activity by logging into their account.
Teachers also receive certificates to print and hand out to Quest champions.
​​Finally, pupils receive high-quality 'Blue Peter' style badges once they complete our Quests. Even teenagers can't resist their charm, so they enjoy practicing!
How do the inbuilt Quests work?
🙋 Our Quests are the roadmap to mathamatical mastery. They guide students logically through each teaching area at their own pace.
This ensures a solid understanding and memory of the material.
No more skimming the hard stuff—our Quests ensure all the bases needed for success in complex math.
Students click the Quest button:
- Enjoy a funny cartoons, answer questions.
- If they encounter any difficulties, they are reshown the humours cartoon for a helpful reminder of the technique until they master it!
How does the technique work?
🧠 Our techniques are rooted in scientific research. Psychologists and researchers have long recognized that the human brain excels at retaining information when presented in the form of stories rather than plain facts.
Fables World leverages this scientifically proven Peg System of memory to encapsulate all mathematical information within engaging and humorous narratives.
This approach captivates children and ensures the mathematical concepts are etched into their long-term memory for easy recall.
Memory magic.
How do you motivate children to complete the courses?
🏆 We've got a treasure trove of motivation: - Fables World Coins: Earn money for correct answers and spend it on Avatar outfits.
- Certificates and Badges: Collect badges and certificates after completing our Quests.
School Cashback: A deposit ensures kids complete Quests, and it's returned when 80% of them finish. Our cashback thermometer tracks progress, making practice fun and rewarding!
Is Fables World good for dyslexic children?
🧠 Absolutely! Dyslexic children benefit greatly from our technique, as it simplifies complex maths and boosts their confidence. No more struggling with multiplication and division; they can now keep up with their peers seamlessly.
Is Fables World good for dyscalculia children?
🧠 Our techniques are a game-changer for children who find numbers perplexing. Characters replace numbers, making maths procedures accessible and enjoyable.
Is Fables World good for children with maths anxiety?
🤯 You bet! Laughter is the best antidote for anxiety, and our funny cartoons simplify maths, making it enjoyable and anxiety-free. Starting early ensures maths anxiety never develops!
Does Fables World align with worldwide national curriculums?
🌍 Absolutely! Our techniques cover essential mathematical procedures that form the foundation of numeracy worldwide.
Does Fables World provide FREE worksheets?
🖨 Yes, we offer FREE printable worksheets for continued offline learning, enabling children to transfer their skills.
Does Fables World provide FREE online lessons?
🧑 Absolutely! We provide FREE online lessons that turn learning the system into a delightful experience. Teachers won't need extensive training or reading.
Pupils love the free sessions and have a blast with engaging cartoons, captivating stories, and interactive games!

Becky Ginger (Founder) + Fables World Team
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